Q: What will I find at Upstate Auto Credit that I can't find anywhere else?
At Upstate Auto Credit you will find that we are just the right size to service your needs. We are not too big, so you won't get lost in the shuffle. We are not too small, so you get all the extras. Our facilities are clean and comfortable and our people are friendly and easygoing.

Q:  How can Upstate Auto Credit offer me financing even when I've been refused at other places?
At Upstate Auto Credit, we have the resources and solutions for vehicle financing you won't find anywhere else.  Our  financing sources give us the ability to say "YES" to your application, even when other places have refused you.

Q: Will I qualify for credit even if my credit is really bad?

Yes! You can Get Approved at Upstate Auto Credit even if you have no credit, bad credit or really bad credit. This is our specialty! We don't look at what you can't do; we look at what you can do!

Q:  Are those really Upstate Auto Credit customers in the commercials?

Yes! All of the people you see in our commercials are customers of Upstate Auto Credit. You will even find photos of our customers in our stores in our "Celebrations" area and on our Facebook page. Many of our customers thank us for giving them the opportunity to get a vehicle. We do appreciate their thanks and sometimes their letters and hugs! However, we have our customers in our commercials because the story to tell is their story, not ours. Our customers often tell us their stories of how they arrived at our store and how much it means to them to get a vehicle. Our employees state that this is the best part of their job! Many thanks to our Upstate Auto Credit customers.

Q:  What will I need to qualify for a vehicle at Upstate Auto Credit?
Simply bring us proof of who you are, proof of where you live and proof of your income. You can apply on-line or visit us at one of our stores.

Q:  What kind of down payment will I need to get a vehicle?
Bring as much down payment as you have and we'll work with you. You can even use your trade-in as your down payment.

Q:  What exactly is the Upstate Auto Credit program?

Our program is our commitment to provide quality assured vehicles and financing all in one store. We offer you the ability to establish positive car credit with us. We stand behind every vehicle we sell with our guarantee.

Q:  How long has Upstate Auto Credit been in business?
2021 marks Upstate Auto Credit's 16th Anniversary! We've become the most recognized name for cars and credit for many good reasons. With thousands of customers and cars on the road we have an established track record of quality vehicles and the lenders to finance just about everyone. Plus, we're backed by Dorschel.