Meet the Staff:

Meet the Staff

Upstate Auto Credit Henrietta

  • Bo Williams

    Bo Williams

    Store Manager

    (585) 321-6306

    I have over 12 years experience in the auto finance busniess, and I enjoy working at Upstate Auto Credit because it gives me the opportunity to help people who want to rebuild their credit and achieve a better future for themselves.

  • Frederick McDowell

    Frederick McDowell

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Kevin Fitzpatrick

    W. Henrietta Rd. Store Associate

    (585) 321-6302

    My name is Kevin Fitzpatrick and I have been in the automotive business for over 10 years. I enjoy assisting customers with everything from parts to service to sales and financing.  The most rewarding part of my job is helping customers who are having credit challenges. Handing a customer the keys to their new car after many other financial institutions and other auto dealers have told them, "No" is a very rewarding experience.

  • Satoya Smith

    Satoya Smith

    W. Henrietta Rd. Store Associate

    (585) 321-6308

    My name is Satoya Smith and I bring over 5 years of experience to the business.  My philosophy is simple - give customers the respect they derserve, treat them like family and they'll leave a friend. I believe in doing things with integrity and honesty. It's great working for a company that believes in these same values.

Upstate Auto Credit Rochester

  •  Ryan Fischer

    Ryan Fischer

    Rochester Store Manager

    (585) 321-6312

    My name is Ryan Fischer and I am the Store Manager for Upstate Auto Credit in Rochester, NY. I lead a team of enthusiastic individuals whose mission is to assist you in driving home in a vehicle you want and will enjoy. With over half of a decade of experience in automotive finance, I am able to present our customers with financing options that are not available at other dealerships. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Otis Leach

    Otis Leach

    W. Ridge Rd. Store Associate

    (585) 321-6317

    My name is Otis Leach and I bring over 20 years of customer service and sales experience to Upstate Auto Credit. The most enjoyable part of what I do is meeting and helping people find the perfect car and seeing how happy they are with what we are able to do for them.

  • Sean Spahn

    Sean Spahn

    W. Ridge Rd. Store Associate

    (585) 321-6313

    My name is Sean Spahn and I have over 5 years of customer service and sales experience. I strive to give my customers the best experience they can possibly have when it comes to purchasing a car. The biggest reward of the job is seeing my customers happy with a car that fits them perfectly.


  • Kyle Tedeschi

    Kyle Tedeschi

    Upstate Auto Credit Area Manager

    (585) 321-6310

    My name is Kyle Tedeschi and I am the very first employee of Upstate Auto Credit.  I opened and managed the pioneer W. Henrietta Rd. Store in 2005 and now I lead the efforts at our W. Ridge Rd. Store and our W. Henrietta Rd. Store. I have well over 10 years of automotive financing experience under my belt, and I really enjoy helping customers get the car fnancing and credit they deserve.